Azure Monthly News Summary - Aug 2018

August 08, 2018

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Azure News
Azure Monthly News - Aug 2018 (from Melbourne Azure Meetup)

The Azure Monthly News Summary is a monthly post and slide deck that we prepare for our community at the Azure Melbourne Meetup. I am a co-organiser of this meetup and it happens monthly on the second Wednesday of each month. If you missed last month, you can check out the news update here

Hi again, here is the summary of Azure news from the last four weeks. This is brought to you by Melbourne Azure Meetup, which I am a co-organiser of :) There is a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Dev News

TypeScript 3.0 is here

The next big thing for TypeScript is here, follow the annoucement here

.Net Framework July 2018 Update

A number of bug fixes went out in the July Update for .Net Frameworks. Details are here

Microsoft AL Development – July Developer Preview

Developer Preview of AL Development for Microsoft Dynamics is now out. Follow the details here

Service Fabric 6.3 Release and Service Fabric Mesh Preview!

Lots of people talking about Service Mesh these days. Now it’s available in Service Fabric. Details are here

F# 4.5 was announced.

A preview of F# 4.5 was announced. Details can be found here

ACR Build (Preview) Now Supported In All Public Regions

Azure Container Registry Build is now in Preview. This new offering aims to streamline the build process of your containers. Details can be found here

Blazor 0.5.0 experimental was released

If you have not heard of Blazor before, then maybe you should check it out. It’s early days but seems interesting as it aims to run .Net code in the browser. Announcement details are here

Visual Studio IntelliCode expands AI-assisted coding to Python

This is very cool. VS with the help of IntelliCode now can give you sound suggestions using AI based on understanding the developers behaviours in massive code bases. Follow the details here

.NET Framework 4.8 early access is now available

If you are using .Net full framework, you might want to check out the news about the new early access for .NET Framework 4.8 here

App Service

Azure App Service is updating PHP to the latest version in Sept.

Details can be found here

Linux on App Service Environment General Availability was announced

Linux is now fully supported on Azure App Service. This is a major step forward. Details can be found here

Data Stuff

A new version is release of Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA)

A new version of the DEA tool is now out (v2.6). This is the first time I am looking at this but it seems quite cool as it allows capture and replay of SQL databases. Details of this new version can be found here.

Azure PowerShell support for Azure SQL Vulnerability Assessment

The Azure SQL Vulnerability Assessment is quite cool as it enables scanning SQL servers/databases and it generates a report of any security vulnerabilities, details can be found here

Introducing U-SQL database projects

This imprves the experience of creating U-SQL scripts for Azure Data Factory and Data Lakes. Follow the annoucement here

SQL Server Availability Groups – Enhanced Database Level Failover

A few enhancements for Azure SQL went out this month. Details are here

New Microsoft SQL Driver released for Java and PHP

Follow the annoucement here

IT Pro Azure News

CIS Hardened VM Images Now Available in Azure Government

CIS-Hardened VMs are secure images that are built in cooperation with the cyber-security community. These images are now avilable in Azure Gov. Details can be found here

SharePoint Server 2019 Preview is now available

SharePoint and other Office services are now in Preview 2019. Details can be found here

Announcing the launch of Azure M-series VMs with up to 4TB RAM in USGov

M-service VMs are now in Azure USGov. Details are here

PowerShell Core is now available as a Snap Package

This brings PowerShell Core to most of the popular distributions of Linux. Details can be found here

Azure IoT News

Azure IoT Toolkit 1.1.0 for VS Code released

New version of Azure IoT Toolkit for VSCode. This now allows a few nice features like generating SAS tokens and registring a device from within VSCode. Details can be found here

Azure Misc News

SmallBasic website is released

Every kid can code. If you have kids and want to get them to tech, you might want to check out this website. Details are here

Azure API Management – July Release

A few improvements went out for Azure API Management, specifically around the integration with Azure LogicApps. Follow the details here

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