Azure Monthly News Summary - June 2018

June 13, 2018

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Azure News
Azure Monthly News - Aug 2018 (from Melbourne Azure Meetup)

Hi again, here is the summary of Azure news from the last four weeks. This is brought to you by Melbourne Azure Meetup, which I am a co-organiser of :) There is a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Long trail of announcements from Microsoft Build 2018 (last month)

Read all the announcements from the event here

.Net Core 2.1 was released

Long-Term Support (LTS) New Platforms support, Major performance improvements, and more. Details can be found here

Entity Framework Core 2.1 was also released

500 bug fixes, Lazy-Loading, params in Entity ctor, value conversion, Group-By translation, etc. Details are here

Learn IoT & AI

This is very interesting and cool.

AI School

Really worth checking out. Get start here

IoT School

Lots of interesting topics, blog posts, videos and realy good materials that is worth looking at. Get started here

Many intersting solutions for common problems in the AI and Machine Learning space. Think of it like GitHub for Open Source code. Follow this link

Loads of improvements on VSTS & DevOps

Release Gates in GA, VSTS & Azure Stack integration, AKS & Service Fabric join The DevOps Project. More details here

Microsoft acquires GitHub for $7.5B

In case you have not heard of this. Link to announcement is here

Loads of Improvements and new features for App Service

Kubernetes & Docker Compose support, New Pricing & scale up experience, Docker logs in portal, TLS config, Functions on Docker, Fine-grained FTP config, and Snapshots backup. Details can be found here

ML.Net is out

Open Source & Cross-Platform Machine Learning framework. Full details are here

WSL: Ubuntu 18.04 is now in Microsoft Store

Follow the annoucement to get the details here

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