The story of building Zen Thermostat IoT & Mobile Apps

May 23, 2017


Last week, I gave a talk in Melbourne Mobile meetup about the story of building the Zen Thermostat IoT and Mobile apps. Here are the slides for the use of everyone who is interested πŸ™‚

If you have any questions or you something to say (feedback or otherwise), I would love to hear that, just get in touch

Last Friday, the mobile apps have been shipped to Google Play and Apple’s AppStore. Google approved the app within 1 hour. Here is the link:

Zen Thermostat app on Google Play

Apple is still reviewing the mobile app, even though this is second version on the AppStore. This time, they have asked us to provide them with hardware unit (zen thermostat) so that they can test with, which is quite annoying and delays our progress πŸ™

Here is the link to the current version on the AppStore:

Zen Thermostat app on the AppStore

For more information on Zen, you can read more here:

If you have a comment, feedback or a question, I would love to hear from you