Congrats, you are a Solution Architect, now what?

September 25, 2017

Tags: Azure  .NET  Architecture  IoT  Cloud  Development Practices  Employability 

Last week, I was fortunate enough to speak at DDDPerth, which was a great conference and awesome and engaged audience. There were about ~ 350 people attending, with the amazing help of the organisers and volunteers. Here is the link to my slides, and I would love to hear your feedback:

The feedback I got from people who attended the conference was very positive 20 Green + 4 Yellow. Not bad, and I am happy with that. I loved the feedback provided. All was constructive and supportive, and I will hope to improve my skills and my presentations for future conferences.

The 2 demos I did on the day were 2 parts.

One: The simplistic benchmark to choosing a storage unit on all cloud providers. The source code for this demo can be found on my GitHub, on this link

Second: The second demo was on using tools like Conventional and Tailor. The source code for this demo was part of Andrew Best’s demos from his last talk “Conventional Wisdom”. Andrew is the creator and maintainer of Conventional. The link to the tools can be found on his GitHub account, here is the link

If you have a comment, feedback or a question, I would love to hear from you