Azure Monthly News Summary - November 2018

November 14, 2018

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Azure News
Azure Monthly News - November 2018 (from Melbourne Azure Meetup)

The Azure Monthly News Summary is a monthly post and slide deck that we prepare for our community at the Azure Melbourne Meetup. I am a co-organiser of this meetup and it happens monthly on the second Wednesday of each month. If you missed last month, you can check out the news update here

Hi again, here is the summary of Azure news from the last four weeks. This is brought to you by Melbourne Azure Meetup, which I am a co-organiser of :) There is a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Static Data Masking for Azure SQL goes to Public Preview

Happens at storage level, original data irretrievable.

SQL Data Warehouse Workload insights through Microsoft Azure Monitor diagnostic logs

External logging process to Azure Monitor

General Availability – Row-Level Security for Azure SQL DW

Azure SQL DW supports Visual Studio SQL Server Data Tool (Preview)

dev teams can now work on a single SQL DW project in VS

General Availability - Secure incoming traffic to HDInsight clusters in a VPN with private endpoint

Event Domains and Advanced Filters Event Grid

Auth scenarios, multi tenants architecture, partitioning topics, etc

Simplified Experience of Azure VM Restore

Directly creates managed disk(s) and VM templates no need for manual scripts

Public Preview – Live Local Data Testing for Azure Stream Analytics

Easier development, shorter test cycle

Public Preview - Named Entity Recognition in the Cognitive Services Text Analytics

Azure IoT Reference Architecture 2.1 release

Logging & Monitoring, IoT Edge, TSI, Azure IoT SaaS (IoT Central)

Updates for Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.4.0

Better Accessibility, customise smart contract tables, array & data types support, support for longer strings (4K)

Public Preview - Apache Spark jobs gain up to 9x speed up with HDInsight IO Cache

Public Preview – Azure Digital Twin

Spatial intelligence graph, twin object models, security through RBAC with AAD, advanced compute capabilities

##Custom C# Code for Azure Stream Analytics query and serialisation

Microsoft Joins Open Invention Network (OIN) – MS 60,000 patents are now available for Linux

General Availability - Azure Event Hubs for Apache Kafka

Support for Kafka apps and ecosystem in the Azure Event Hubs service

General Availability – Azure Media Services v3

New SDKs, Low-latency live streaming, easier dev with Event Grid and ARM, etc.

Preview Release – ARM Cost & Monitoring APIs

Private Preview of Azure VM Image Builder

Creates image configuration template (via Marketplace) and then devs can customise

New Azure Advisor recommendations

Database and SQL DW optimisation / tuning, Storage recommendation, migration to ARM, etc.

General Availability – Tomcat & Java SE on App Service on Linux

Get Notified when your Azure resources become unavailable

Public Preview – Azure Container Registry – Helm Chart Repositories and more

Azure Maps Web SDK Updates – Data-Driven Styling and more

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