Android OS Overview Presentation

Android OS Presentation
Hosted by ACS (Australian Computer Society) and presented by Has Taiar.
To register, Follow the link to the ACS website.

The mobile market is witnessing a rapid increase in Android’s popularity amongst users, and developers. According to Google, as of December 2011, there were over 700,000 Android devices activated every day (Wikipedia). Therefore, our presentation will be dedicated to Android OS.

To starts with, a brief overview of Android OS is given to answer the questions: what is Android? And why it is significant? Then, we will present Android SDK, and its Development tools.
This will be followed by explaining Android architecture, and its basic building blocks. Moreover, we will also touch briefly on Android security, UI, Application’s Framework, and Android application components.
Furthermore, to form a better understanding of Android OS, we will show a list of Android features and compare it with other mobile platforms.
Finally, a simple demo will be presented to put these ideas into practice and to demonstrate Android OS in action.

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