AI and IoT Integration on the Edge - April 2019

April 05, 2019

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Has Altaiar - Global Integration Bootcamp 2019
AI & IoT on the Edge - Global Integration Bootcamp 2019

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Global Integration Bootcamp in Melbourne. The session was focused on AI and IoT, and the shift of moving compute workload to the Edge. Here is an abstract of the session and a link to the slides.

AI & IoT on the Edge

In this session, we start by looking at what IoT is and why is it such a big buzzword. Starting with the basics of what’s IoT Hub, how different it’s from an Event Hub, and review some concepts like Device Twin and Module Twin. Then we dive deeper into a real-world scenario of building an advanced analytics pipeline with all its integration points and deploying it to the Azure IoT Edge. The object is to have attendees learn many of the analytics and IoT concepts with the main focus being on Integration and how it plays a central role in IoT and AI projects.

The Slides

Slides can be found here

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